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Doug Blanchard

Art Direction & Creative Direction

Gear & Apparel Catalog

Harley-Davidson’s Gear and Apparel catalog is used as both an information guide for staff and a sales tool for customers — but the previous editions didn’t motivate either audience.  We showed H-D how the catalog can invite the reader into the brand, define the intent of each of Harley’s five collections, and organize the merchandise in clean, easy-to-follow pagination. We worked with some of the best fashion and motorcycle shooters to bring life and style to the lifestyle, while illustrating product benefits with intuitive graphics. The result was the best-performing catalog Harley has ever offered its dealers.

Role: Creative Director
Credits: Laura Rogers, Jo Shoesmith, Mike O’Connell, Al Majewski, Jeff Warner, Darlene Hawver, Tom Helland, Shayna Lickfold, Kyle Strace, Jake Kidd, Nick Karebian, Hugh Broder, Erica Saad, Rennie Solis, Matthew Jones, Patrick and Marlyne Curtet

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