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Doug Blanchard

Art Direction & Creative Direction

Michelin Tires

How do you make tires interesting? For most people they are the quintessential grudge purchase. And add another problem; Michelins can cost up to 40% more than competitors’ tires. So we reactivated a 100-year old blimp-like character who could affably, if silently, bring product benefits to life. Utilizing the Michelin Man meant we could ditch the expected category language, and as a result we kept brand awareness incredibly high. And the centerpiece of Michelin’s corporate initiative to make value, not just price, the true attribute of a tire was the Better Way Forward website. It demonstrated all the ways Michelin keeps drivers safe, saves them money, and makes driving fun, all presented by the Michelin Man. Barbara Lippert of Adweek described the site as “awesome.” 

Role: Creative Director
Credits: Jon Stewart, Mark Simon, Bill Ludwig, Margaret Bornais, Jason Danielewicz, Regan Boldman, David Goldberg, Dave Colucci, Jennifer Grasso, Steve Killar, Matt Bobryk, Aaron Houck, Becca Loose, Leslie Schneider, Jim Gilmore, Speedshape, Digital Domain

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