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Doug Blanchard

Art Direction & Creative Direction

Owens Corning
Ecotouch Insulation Campaign

People are looking for ways to save money while being environmentally conscious. But there’s always a perceived compromise with any “environmentally friendly” product, and in the case of insulation, the assumption is that it will be hard to install and won’t perform as well as traditional insulation. We brought to life the idea that insulation products don’t have to be itchy, difficult to cut or hard to install. And, since insulation is kinda boring, we had to make these spots funny. Our EcoTouch creative was first television Owens Corning had run in decades, and with targeted media buys like the DIY Network, sales exceeded projections.

Role: Creative Director
Credits: Jon Stewart, Jason Danielewicz, Susie Campo, Bill Ludwig, John Haggerty, Hoffman Brothers

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