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Doug Blanchard

Art Direction & Creative Direction

Brand Campaign

You rarely get to build a brand from the ground up. But we did with USAA. A financial services company that serves military personnel and their families, USAA has been wowing their members for over 90 years (they have the highest Net Promoter Score in the world). But they’d never run brand advertising, and they needed to expand their audience. Our communications had to be authentic and emotional, and work across multiple lines of business. By reinforcing USAA’s mission to go above for those who go beyond, while clarifying expanded eligibility, we reintroduced the venerable company to millions of potential members. As a result, we’ve increased awareness levels 19% and increased acquisition rates 60%.

Role: Creative Director
Credits: Jon Stewart, Anthony Giordano, Mark Simon, Bill Ludwig, Jeff Warner, Al Majewski, Al Hazen, Jennifer Grasso, Matt Duggan, Peter Lang, Pat Molnar, Louie Lynne, Allyson Raynes, Kevin Hock

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